A First For Everything

As the fall weather rolls into to Tallahassee, there is one thing that is needed to do so that it really feel like fall.

Any guesses to what that is??


From the hundreds of pumpkins to choose from, we found two that fit us just perfect. Fall really is here, and Bindi is looking forward to that cool weather!

Dog Mom by Accident

Starting off my senior year of college I never thought I would have gotten a dog. I had always wanted to get a dog in college, let alone have a dog in general, but it just never happened. Until this year that is. My boyfriend and I have been so lucky to be able to say that we are now puppy parents the the cutest and sweetest lil pupper there is!

Bindi is a mini Australian Shepard, with a love for peanut butter and a ton of energy! She is 3 months old and is currently teething on everything. I have to say the biggest things that I have learned thus far is:

  • make sure there are LOTS of teething toys available
  • start potty training and crate training right away
  • teach them basic commands

Throughout the early mornings and late nights with her I have to say she is just the absolute best.

Heres a pic of this little angel:

Processed with VSCO with ka1 preset

Bindi Bo Burch

Ill be posting more about Bindi’s adventures soon.


– Simply Laura