Dog Mom by Accident

Starting off my senior year of college I never thought I would have gotten a dog. I had always wanted to get a dog in college, let alone have a dog in general, but it just never happened. Until this year that is. My boyfriend and I have been so lucky to be able to say that we are now puppy parents the the cutest and sweetest lil pupper there is!

Bindi is a mini Australian Shepard, with a love for peanut butter and a ton of energy! She is 3 months old and is currently teething on everything. I have to say the biggest things that I have learned thus far is:

  • make sure there are LOTS of teething toys available
  • start potty training and crate training right away
  • teach them basic commands

Throughout the early mornings and late nights with her I have to say she is just the absolute best.

Heres a pic of this little angel:

Processed with VSCO with ka1 preset

Bindi Bo Burch

Ill be posting more about Bindi’s adventures soon.


– Simply Laura





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